One Minute Wonders - Episode 12

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Wait a minute... No, don't! Because it is the last episode of the series, and you will miss facts such as that caterpillars have many disguises and can turn themselves into leaves or poo to avoid being eaten. And when stars die, they turn into white dwarfs. Blink and Missit are back to remind us that billions of incredible things are happening all around us, every minute on Earth. They warn us never to get into a staring competition with a snake, or stand between an apple and a banana when they are arguing, and inform us that a jar of honey will keep for a VERY long time, which is good for the bees who visited 2 million flowers to make it. They also learn that music is faster now than it was in Henry VIII's day, and that you breathed in and out 23 times. The next minute is yours. What are you going to do with it?