Olympics 2008 - Beijing 2008 - Day Seven

Hazel Irvine with Colin Jackson and Rishi Persad host live coverage of the first day's track and field events, with Britain's Kelly Sotherton taking centre stage on day one of the heptathlon and Simeon Williamson opening his 100m campaign. There are also the heats of the women's 800m. Live coverage from the pool includes the finals of the women's 200m breaststroke, men's 200m backstroke, men's 200m IM and women's 100m freestyle. Britain has medal hopes with Kirsty Balfour in the breaststroke, while American Michael Phelps may be on for his sixth gold in the medley. Commentators are Andy Jameson, Adrian Moorhouse and Sharron Davies. Plus action from the women's all around gymnastics, while Britain's trio of Larry Godfrey, Simon Terry and Alan Wills are looking to secure quarter final places in the men's individual archery.


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  • Presenter Hazel Irvine
  • Presenter Rishi Persad
  • Presenter Colin Jackson