Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab - Soap Suds

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Scientist Nina and her young experimenters discover the amazing ways that things can change and react in our everyday world. Nina investigates why we have to use soap with the help of Felix, her touch neuron. Experimenters Morven, Tia and Vidhi visit Nina in her lab and, using their senses, discover that greasy oil doesn't wash off with just water. Then Nina does an experiment to prove that oil won't mix with water unless we add soap. Next, they all visit an ice-cream factory to Bud's delight - and find out that ice-cream is made from lots of different ingredients that will only join together after lots and lots of mixing. Finally, back in the lab, they Experimenters use messy paint to prove that soap and water won't clean our hands unless we rub them and mix them together really well.