Nina and the Neurons: In the Lab - Rattling Pan

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Scientist Nina and her young experimenters discover the amazing ways that things can change and react in our everyday world. Nina investigates why the lid on a soup pan rattles with the help of Belle, her hearing neuron. Experimenters Jake, Josh and Poppy visit Nina in her lab where she is heating some soup on her Bunsen burner. Using their senses, they notice that the rattling noise is caused by the lid moving up and down. But how does this happen? They discover that heating soup makes bubbles of gas rise and pop on the surface. Then they go to see a bouncy castle being inflated and find out that gases like to spread out and take up as much space as possible. Finally, back in the lab, they do an experiment with balloon pumps and prove that a pan lid rattles when enough gas builds up to push the lid up!