New Music Zone - Hinterland Festival

Catriona Shearer brings you archive sessions from bands playing the Hinterland Festival, including Zoey Van Goey, Sons and Daughters, Popup, Sucioperro, Manda Rin, Galchen, Paper Planes and Desalvo; and also meets the fans who descended on Glasgow's live music venues. RUNNING ORDER: The following timings are approximate and are given in hours and minutes from the beginning of the zone. 0.01 Sucioperro (archive session) 0.21 Meursault(archive session) 0.39 Zoey Van Goey (archive session) 0.54 The Damn Shames (archive session) 1.12 Punch And The Apostles (archive session) 1.37 Copy Haho (archive session) 1.56 Paper Planes (archive session) 2.12 Isosceles (archive session) 2.27 Popup (archive session) 2.42 Galchen (archive session) 3.01 Desalvo (archive session) 3.16 We Were Promised Jetpacks (archive session) 3.39 Manda Rin (archive session) 3.55 The X-Certs (archive session) 4.13 Pearl & The Puppets (archive session) 4.20 Young Fathers (archive session) 4.40 Sons and Daughters (archive session) 4.51 Y'All Is Fantasy Island (archive session) 5.13 Be A Familiar (archive session)


  • 2009-05-07 00:30:00 - 2009-05-07 06:00:00 on mw,