My Life - Series 1 - Billboard Kids

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Documentary series following a group of youngsters, providing insight into the lives of different children across the UK. Billboard Kids follows four children with facial disfigurements who are the stars of a national poster campaign to challenge prejudice. Harry, Lauren, Max and Lucas are all fed up with people making judgements about who they are based on how they look. There are over half a million people with facial disfigurements in the UK, and, like these four children, they will have had their appearance regularly picked apart by ignorant strangers on the street. Harry, Lauren, Max and Lucas all have the support of their friends and family, but it's never been easy. Now they are taking the radical step of having posters of themselves plastered across the country. This moving film looks at why they've decided to be the focus of a billboard campaign and how they cope with the process of putting their young faces up in lights. There's no bigger spotlight than this.