Muslim Driving School - Episode 1

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An intimate and revelatory insight into the lives of women and their families, from Burnley to Bradford. The documentary series delves into the world of learner drivers and their instructors, telling stories from their homes as well as their cars. With exclusive access to driving schools across the north of England which specialise in teaching Muslim women, the programme follows new drivers negotiating perilous streets for the first time. Unlike many driving schools, those featured foster a specific relationship between instructor and student because of a shared understanding of the cultural restrictions that Muslim women experience. For them, driving isn't just a pleasure pursuit - it confers freedom and status, and opens up job opportunities that would otherwise be unreachable. Grandmother Taslima Dhin has spent her life at home, bringing up her children. Aged 58, she needs to learn to drive to take her ill husband for regular hospital visits in Bradford. Taslima isn't just challenging convention by taking driving lessons: her instructor is a man to whom she's not related, which forces her to ask questions about the traditions she's held dear. Thirty-eight-year-old Humera Ahmed wants to learn to drive so she can to take her children to school. Despite the prevailing traditions of conservative Muslim communities, her instructor, Mr Ramzan - who is also an imam at a local mosque - believes that motors aren't just for men. The only issue is, will Humera be ready for her test before his patience runs out? Korsa Bibi, one of only two Muslim driving instructors in Blackburn to wear a veil, takes on a new student. Aysha is 20, married with a two-year-old son, and wears the veil - yet she was born Stacey. Her dark past is something she wants to leave behind.