Mistresses - Series 3 - Episode 4

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The tension mounts as Mistresses concludes. Trudi, Jessica, Katie and Siobhan are united in grief following the death of a loved one. However, emotions run high at the funeral and, with so many questions left unanswered, grief turns to anger and a bitter row ensues, causing a huge rift between the friends. Several months pass without a word between the women, and it appears that they've all gone their separate ways. But a heartbreaking announcement finally brings them back together. They agree to be united for the sake of their friend in need and start by making an appearance at Siobhan's birthday party. There's obvious tension in the air, but can they rebuild their friendship? Meanwhile, an unexpected guest at the party leaves Siobhan confused about her feelings for new boyfriend Jeff... And Trudi is panic stricken when Amy goes missing but, amid the chaos, she's reminded that her friends are there in times of need. Despite the bad feelings that have developed between them, will Trudi, Jessica, Katie and Siobhan get the happy ending they deserve?