Marc Riley - 26/10/2010

Marc enjoys the freaky psyche folk of the Maladies of Bellafontaine and the Americana tunes of Cowboy Rob Hughes. The Maladies of Bellafontaine describe their sound as "seven folky tramps transcending the gutter and zooming to Jupiter on a psych-tinged booze-fuelled bottle rocket" which seems fair enough, as their influences include Sparks, Billie Holliday both Brigittes (Bardot and Fontaine), Ali Farka Toure and Chas and Dave. They claim to live in an old converted monastery in Wigan, which might be true and that they're woken up at 4.40 each morning by the monks blessing the holy penguins and giraffes, which probably isn't. What is true is that their single Black Biro is out now on 7" purple vinyl on the celebrated Static Caravan label.