London: Just off the Plane - Episode 1

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Every day planes descend into London, and on board, there is likely to be someone who will arrive into the capital for their very first time. To most of us, another faceless statistic, another visitor from abroad, one of the 120 million who fly into the capital every year. But what if we choose find out who they are - and what are they thinking of as they step off the plane? Alan Dein goes to Heathrow airport to greet people who've flown in from anywhere in the world, and explores their hopes and jet-lagged dreams of London. What does the place mean to them, why have they come, who do they know in the City? Picked out at random as they wearily wait at the baggage carousels, his interviewees share revealing, comic, and sometimes very moving tales of adventure, family reunions, opportunities, romance and tragedy. And then they head off, melting into the London crowds. Producer Sara Jane Hall.