Lauren Laverne - Huey Morgan sits in

Huey welcomes Broken Records for a live session. The indie folk band from Edinburgh have recently released their second album Let Me Come In and have also made it on to the 6 Music playlist. Frontman Jamie Sutherland has said their new material is influenced by "Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska, Nick Cave's Murder Ballads, Calexico's Feast of Wire and R.E.M.'s early back catalogue". We also find out what would 6 Music would have sounded like in years gone by as Huey rewinds the station for half an hour in DJ Vu. Another worker who's dodged the 9 to 5 is celebrated in Odd Job. Plus, Huey will point you in the direction of a free download for MPFree and whisk you away with a Headphone Moment in Worker's Playtime.