Latin Music USA - Salsa

The second in a four-part series revealing the deep musical and social impact of Latin music in the USA. Filmed in Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York City, it reveals the untold story of salsa music, which burst onto the New York scene in the late 1960s. It first evolved in the clubs of Havana, Cuba and soon became the vibrant sound of the New York barrios, where Puerto Ricans and Cubans settled amid poverty and discrimination. Yet out of adversity came a thrilling and innovative dance music that became the voice and spirit of the Latin people in the 70s. From rebellious Latin Boogaloo to the shadowy empire of Fania Records, the story unfolds through the intimate memories of the Fania Family - the greatest salsa musicians of their generation and the purveyors of a music that lives on today. Featuring Ruben Blades, Willie Colon, Eddie Palmieri, Johnny Pacheco and the Fania All-Stars.



  • Executive Producer Mark Cooper
  • Producer Jeremy Marre