Last of the Summer Wine - Series 31 - Behind Every Bush There is Not Necessarily a Howard

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Hobbo enlists the services of his 'team' to help Toby win back the affections of his ex-wife. Glenda decides to make it her mission to find Morton a woman. Howard sneaks into the library to tell Marina there's a problem with their bike ride that afternoon - Pearl is going out too. Meanwhile, PCs Cooper and Walsh try out a new in-car fryer. Morton is concerned when the former Mrs Toby takes a shine to him. Howard plants an unsubtle seed in a suspicious Pearl's mind as to where she and Nelly should head to, then dashes off to meet Marina. The men send a nervous Morton back to see Monica, and hide in a nearby bush. Toby is delighted to see Monica bringing his beloved Jag from the garage, but she speeds away with Morton. Hobbo disappears in a hurry. Pearl and Nelly search for Howard in the bushes, but stumble across Morton and Monica having a picnic, and a flustered Hobbo struggling to escape the embraces of Miss Davenport.