Kill It, Cook It, Eat It - Fast Food - Sausages

Julia Bradbury hosts a series that shows exactly what it takes to turn a living animal into meat for the table. The fourth series of the brand goes down to the farm to follow how animals are turned into fast food - cattle into burgers, lambs into kebabs, pigs into sausages and chickens into nuggets. Following and helping will be a group of six volunteers who, by immersing themselves in the visceral experience, will be able to inform and challenge their beliefs in a show that debates the ethics around meat production and eating in the UK today. Sausages are on the menu when Pipers' pigs are taken from the orchards down to the local abattoir. The volunteers following the journey from field to fork spend time with the pigs and even help castrate piglets. Pigs can be raised in intensive livestock systems which the novice farm hands find challenging and something that changes their views on the meat, and the sausages in particular, that they will eat.


  • Presenter Julia Bradbury
  • Producer Charlotte Winby
  • Executive Producer Nick Curwin