Ketch! and HIRO-PON Get It On

Silent comedy, using breakthrough filmmaking techniques, about two outsiders struggling to get by, where chaos is around every corner and love is just out of reach. HIRO-PON is depressed and wants a girlfriend, so Ketch! tries to help by bringing home a local homeless woman, to HIRO-PON's shock. Embarking on a search to find the perfect woman, the boys find themselves trying to impress a group of chavs in a supermarket car park before getting beaten up. They go to a cafe where HIRO-PON sees the woman of his dreams and in attempting to woo her the boys get into an epic battle to decide which one should be the object of her desire.


  • Producer David Lambert
  • Actor Graham Duff
  • Actor Ketch!
  • Actor HIRO-PON
  • Actor Eleanor Lawrence
  • Actor Jo Neary
  • Actor Laura Patch
  • Actor Joe Rice
  • Writer Ben Gregor
  • Writer Ketch!
  • Writer HIRO-PON