In Search of the Pope's Children - Episode 2

Series presented by Irish economist David McWilliams examining the new Irish generation of young and sassy people which experienced unprecedented success until the recent financial downturn hit. Taking a snapshot of Ireland at a time of economic boom, the series challenges the popular view surrounding New Ireland and its perceived ills, uncovers the reality of Ireland's relationship with cheap credit and questions whether it would build on or blow its economic prosperity. David examines Ireland's national obsession with property. New Ireland began and has ended with the property explosion. The boom has not just changed Ireland economically, it has changed the Irish as a people and turned them into a nation of property speculators. He takes us through the cycle of Ireland's property experience, where prices soar dramatically, become vulnerable and too expensive before falling back to earth, and examines why regardless of age, social class, colour or creed the subject of property is one of our favourite topics of conversation. David travels to Navan to meet with the 'decklanders' and share their experiences; to Galway, the fastest growing city in Europe to examine the boom in the sale of old abandoned cottages; and to Tarmonbarry in Roscommon, formerly a village of about 16 houses now with a purpose-built marina development - the Porto Banus of Ireland. David also takes a trip to Bulgaria and introduces us to Robopaddy, who travels the world buying up houses.


  • Presenter David McWilliams
  • Director Sarah Share
  • Producer Ruan Magan