I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Into Here - Episode 1

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When Spitting Image came to an end, Roger Law decided it was time for a fresh start. Having made one attempt to emigrate to Australia in the 1960s, thwarted by the cultural attaché who told him that it was 'a one way ticket to hell' , Ten years ago, Roger decided to give it a second shot. He's now living in Bondi Beach concentrating on in-depth surfing, and he's never looked back. Roger is not the only one and in this series he meets up with other new Australians. In the heat of the November sun he'll be at Leo Sayer's concert in Sydney, talking to Warren Mitchell about being an Australian citizen, looking at the work of legendary 60s photographer Lewis Morley and throwing prawns on the barbie with celebrity chef Tom Kime. They've all made the move Down Under, and Roger Law is determined to find out why.