Ideal - Series 6 - The Ear

Finding themselves with a body to dispose of, Moz and Psycho Paul call on the services of the sinister Doctor Persil. Meanwhile, Moz's dad Keith learns that his kidnappers are deadly serious.


  • Moz Johnny Vegas
  • Brian Graham Duff
  • Cartoon Head David Sant
  • Carol Jo Enright
  • Paul Ryan Pope
  • Nicki Nicola Reynolds
  • Keith Mick Miller
  • Tony Dan Li
  • Chen Hon Ping Tang
  • Xavier Michael Kofi
  • Director Ben Wheatley
  • Producer Gill Isles
  • Writer Graham Duff
  • Dr Persil Graham Fellows
  • Mrs Low Liz Sutherland
  • Lee Andrew-Lee Potts
  • Tilly Janeane Garofalo
  • Steve Seymour Mace
  • PC Tom Goodman-Hill
  • Judith Joanna Neary
  • Rainbow Naomi Bentley
  • Jason Tim Fallows
  • Weims Tom Andrews