Ideal - Series 5 - The Temptation

With his girlfriend in a coma, Moz finds it increasingly difficult to resist the charms of a series of attractive female callers. Meanwhile, Brian falls in love with a cojoined twin and Alan attempts to escape the clutches of the evil Fist.


  • Moz Johnny Vegas
  • Brian Graham Duff
  • Carol Jo Enright
  • Nicki Nicola Reynolds
  • Keith Mick Miller
  • Director Ben Wheatley
  • Producer Gill Isles
  • Writer Graham Duff
  • Judith Joanna Neary
  • Miko Haruka Abe
  • Kim Jessica Peh
  • Executive Producer Henry Normal
  • Fist Graham Duff
  • Alan Peter Slater
  • Jake Dylan Edwards
  • Dinos Sam Fletcher
  • Monique Zoe Gardner