Hotter Than My Daughter - Episode 3

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Liz McClarnon presents a series taking a unique look at mother/daughter relationships, in which the mums claim to be hotter than their daughters. A public jury decides which of them should change their image: over-the-top mum, judgmental daughter, or both. Sheffield lass Yvonne claims to ooze sex appeal, lives in short skirts and refuses to wear a bra. But she's not 27, she's 47. Yvonne also models alongside 22-year-old daughter Toni, who desperately wants her to lower Yvonne's hemlines and raise her standard of behaviour. In Essex, 20-year-old Keeley is suffering from a complete lack of style confidence, which is not helped by the fact she is often mistaken for her 'hot' mum's sister. In other female fashion feuds, a former Hollyoaks star is sick of her little sister constantly stealing her clothes.