Home Movie Roadshow - Episode 1

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Dan Cruickshank and Kirsty Wark prove that shooting a video and showing it off to the public isn't a new thing, as they present 100 years of Britons' lives filmed on home movie cameras. After an appeal to people to send in their favourite pieces of home movie footage, an expert team of film historians pored over the results as well as amateur film footage held in the nation's archives. The team then took to the road in a specially constructed 'cinebus' to hear about the films in person. The roadshow cinebus went to Bradford to see a record of a young Princess Diana; a fantastic chronicle of the last 50 years of Chingford, east London; what may be the first wedding video, shot in 1905 on the Isle of Bute; and the intimate home movies of the late Spike Milligan. Experts Robin Baker and Binny Baker help explain the footage.