Holby City - Series 13 - Tunnel Vision

Greg struggles to reconcile Ellie's bad feeling about the operation in the face of medical arguments to the contrary. Peter remains convinced that surgery is the best option for Ellie, and Greg finds it hard to speak up for her. Greg becomes more isolated when Jac decides to take him off the case. Will Greg do the right thing by Ellie and support her, or remain detached? Ric is back at work and is determined to keep his cool, but he finds Dan on his ward, taking up space. Dan, keen to impress Ric, manages to ruffle his feathers, and Ric challenges Dan to a bet about who can finish their list first. When Dan gets competitive and starts to rush, he makes a mistake and has to ask for Ric's help. Ric feels partly responsible for Dan's mistake and helps rectify the situation. Will the two men's competition lead to disaster? Frieda is shocked when her make-up causes an allergic reaction in her patient and she is forced to spend the day make-up free. Will her behaviour on the ward change without her mask?