Hitting the Buffers - The Human Body

Gareth Mitchell looks at our need for speed in different areas of modern life and asks what is stopping us from getting faster. Gareth is put through his paces at the Human Performance Laboratory at Bath University to find out whether his body is built for speed. He also talks to sports scientists like Professor Bob Girandola from the University of Southern California, who thinks we've reached the pinnacle of natural human achievement - and any further improvement in speed will depend on tinkering with our genes or taking performance enhancing drugs.


  • 2008-06-23 21:00:00 - 2008-06-23 21:30:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,
  • 2009-04-14 11:00:00 - 2009-04-14 11:30:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,