History Zone - Moon Special

RUNNING ORDER Timings are approximate and given in hours and minutes from the start of the Zone. 00:01 Men on the Moon - NASA astronauts recall life in space. 00:27 Stargazing: The Moon - at the Dundee Observatory. 00:33 Movie Cafe discussion about Into the Shadow of the Moon. 00:50 Songlines: From A Distance - memories of hearing the song in space. 01:17 Stargazing: Shooting stars and Satellites - at the Dundee Observatory. 01:22 Humans in Space Part 1 01:50 Mission: Moon - Assessing the cultural impact of the moon landings. 02:48 Turning Point with astronaut Dr Piers Sellers 03:15 Stargazing: Glows - at the Dundee Observatory. 03:20 World's Beyond: To Catch A Comet 03:48 The Movie Cafe interview with Theo Kameke, Director of Moonwalk One. 03:58 Stargazing: Planets - at the Dundee Observatory. 04:03 Moonscape - Poetry and music inspired by the moon. 04:29 Stargazing: Pictures in the Sky - at the Dundee Observatory. 04:35 Humans in Space part 2 05:03 Touching the Moon


  • 2009-07-22 00:30:00 - 2009-07-22 06:00:00 on mw,