History Zone - Billy Kay Special

RUNNING ORDER: Timings given are approximate and are given in hours and minutes from the start of the zone. 00:00 The Scottish Mission: The Mission to the Jews - Billy tells the remarkable story of Jane Haining, the Scottish missionary who died at Auschwitz. 00:32 The Complete Caledonian Imbiber: Knee Deep in Claret - Meeting the Scots who've relocated to some of the continent's finest vineyards. 01:05 Fredome is a Noble Thing: The Sea Wolf - Billy profiles the great liberator Admiral Thomas Cochrane. 01:34 The Auldest Alliance Part 1 - Tracing the roots of the special relationship between Scotland and France. 02:05 The Complete Caledonian Imbiber: Let Them Drink Port - More from the Scots making fine wine around the world. 02:35 Fredome is a Noble Thing: From India to the Aegean - Billy profiles more of the world's great liberators. 03:04 The Complete Caledonian Imbiber: Bend Weel Tae the Madeira - Exploring the Scots taste for sherry and Madeira wine. 03:36 The Auldest Alliance Part 2 - How the French looked upon Scotland as "the illustrious homeland of civilisation." 04:05 Fredome is a Noble Thing: Corsica Boswell - James Boswell's involvement in the attempted liberation of Corsica. 04:31 The Scottish Mission: The Mission to Manchuria - Scottish missionaries in China including minister and Olympian Eric Liddell. 04:58 The Complete Caledonian Imbiber: Scotland's two native drinks of beer and whisky.


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