Heir Hunters - Series 3 - Stewart/Mansfield

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The heir hunters once again seek out families entitled to inherit the estates of people who have died without a will. When bachelor Gordon Stewart was found dead in his Aylesbury home, the house was filled from floor to ceiling with rubbish. What events in his life led him to such a lonely end? As Fraser and Fraser investigators set to work, they discover evidence of family tragedies and maybe even murder. As the case gets more complicated, the heir hunters' worst fears look set to be realised. Meanwhile, in leafy Sussex, heir hunter Lady Teviot probes into the case of Joan Mansfield. A British national born in India, Joan ended her days in Calgary, Canada, leaving no will, but an estate worth 30,000 pounds. It appears that Joan was part of a large family and spent her early life in colonial India. What was it that forced her to up sticks, lose contact with her brothers and sisters, and forge a new life for herself in Canada?