Heart And Soul - Song Of The Scallop

Song of the Scallop Song of the Scallop considers the history and mythology of the humble mollusc. As a global food-source and as a religious symbol, the significance of scallops transcends the ash trays and soap dishes that they are often turned into. The route of the 9th century Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage - or Way of St James - in north west Spain is marked by scallop shells and each pilgrim carries a shell for good luck. We join two pilgrims - Jim, a fisherman, and his wife Margaret - who are travelling this Galician route. Their testimony is woven together with the experiences of scallop divers in Scotland and the artist Maggi Hambling, who made a scallop sculpture for the beach at Aldeburgh. The meaning and symbolism - the culinary and religious significance - of the scallop is celebrated as the pilgrims make the long walk to a final dinner on arrival in Santiago de Compostela.