Heart And Soul - Guilt, Repentance And Forgiveness - 01/08/2009: Episode 1

GUILT, REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS The story of Colm O'Gorman, who as a teenage boy was sexually abused by a Catholic priest. Join Michael Ford for his series examining issues around guilt, repentance, and forgiveness. In this programme, he meets a man who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest in Ireland. At the age of 17, Colm O'Gorman ran away to Dublin to escape his abuser. He ended up homeless in the streets, and prostituted himself for a bed and a hot meal. Now in his 40s, Colm is Executive Director of Amnesty International in Ireland and has founded a charity for victims of child sex abuse. But how does he feel about his abuser now? Can he forgive him? Or is compassion for an abuser even appropriate in such circumstances?