Happy Hollidays - The Visit

Caravan site owner Colin Holliday is thrown into a panic when he receives news of an unwelcome spot inspection from long-standing rival Mike Bryan. Meanwhile, resident entertainer Joyce Mullen takes offence at suggestions that she pull her act together, and Debbi tries to track down an escapee from Pets' Corner.


  • 2009-09-04 22:35:00 - 2009-09-04 23:05:00 on BBC One Scotland,
  • 2009-09-07 22:00:00 - 2009-09-07 22:30:00 on BBC Two Scotland,


  • Director Douglas Mackinnon
  • Producer Angela Murray
  • Colin Holliday Ford Kiernan
  • Joyce Mullen Karen Dunbar
  • Mike Bryan Gavin Mitchell
  • Debbi Kathleen McDermott