Hai! Karate - Journey to Japan - Episode 9

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Hai! Karate - Journey to Japan offers four children and four parents the chance to swap the stresses and strains of life in modern-day Britain for three weeks in Japan, being taught the traditional martial art of karate by the best teachers in the world. Forcing them to work together, will this experience enrich their minds, bodies and souls - and could it even improve their relationships? On their journey they will be immersed in the culture and traditions of both ancient and modern Japan and face gruelling challenges that will test their commitment and fighting spirit. They have just three weeks to gain their first belt, something that would normally take three months. Those who succeed will be given the privilege to perform at the World Karate Tournament in Okinawa. The day of the World Karate Tournament arrives and the group head to the stadium to perform their karate routine in front of 4000 people. But will they remember the moves?