Grumpy Old Schooldays

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School days are billed as the best days of your life but were more like a prison sentence for our grumpies. We all remember the sadistic games teacher, or the unique boredom of double maths on a Monday morning. But if you are of the grumpy persuasion then School Day horrors seem to have particular resonance. Mark Radcliffe thought his school days a mix of sadism and insanity, Ronni Ancona thought her school worse than a Russian gulag, Huey Morgan was almost choked by one teacher and Mark Steel remembers experiencing the worst fart in history. Neil Morrissey pretended to be the class psycho, Shappi Khorsandi once stole Neil Kinnock's daughter's school report, whilst Al Murray remembers the horrors of being at the back with the fat kid in PE. The Grumpy Guide to School Days takes our cast back to where all that grumpiness started. With other contributions from the likes of Ed Byrne, Alistair McGowan and John Thomson.