Green Balloon Club - Episode 32

Lily-Rose, Ant, Cat, Jay, Sky and Skipper the dog travel Great Britain in a green hot-air balloon. It is panto time in the Green Balloon. The Green Team learn how bread is made. Jelly files a special report from a flour mill and the team try their hand at making bread hedgehogs. Cat is finding out about real hedghogs while Green Balloon Club members from the Lee Valley are looking for winter wildfowl and set us a seasonal spot.


  • Producer Clare Bradley
  • Executive Producer Alison Stewart
  • Sky Debbie Korley
  • Jelly Aliex Yuill
  • Director Lotte Elwell
  • Lily-Rose Isabella Blake-Thomas
  • Ant Adam Wells
  • Cat Thai Murray-Edwards
  • Jay Jake Pratt
  • Lily-Rose Isabella Blake-Thomas
  • Ant Adam Wells

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