Going Out With Alan Carr - 23/05/2009

Please note: competitions or votes featured in this programme are now closed. Alan Carr helps kick start Saturday evening, hosting two hours of fun and laughs, with Emma Forbes playing head girl to his naughty class comic. Whether you're putting on your lippy for a night-out or dialing up a curry, Going Out With Alan Carr will put you in a feel-good mood. If you're on the way out to a Stag or a Hen, a night down the pub or a karaoke bar, Alan will send you on your way with a spring in your step, playing great disco classics and modern pop, from Abba to Prince and Duffy to Dusty. If you're planning a dinner-party, a night at the pub or a hot date, let Alan sort out your entertainment for the night ahead. He'll even help you look the part in his regular feature, Wardrobe Disaster! And if you're having a quiet night in front of the box, why not take part in Alan's Telly Quiz, or relive the triumph - or tragedy - of Saturday night dates in Alan's Last Dance!