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Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman is Watson and Rupert Graves is Inspector Lestrade, in Sherlock, a series of three new 90-minute TV dramas, which give the classic Arthur Conan Doyle tales a modern setting. Crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell reviews. This summer, Paul Lewis will become the first pianist ever to undertake the complete Beethoven piano concerto cycle in any single Proms season, playing with four different British orchestras and four different conductors. He talks about Beethoven's style, and the best way to unwrap sweets at a concert. This year's Mercury Prize longlist was announced today, featuring the usual mix of established and lesser known acts. Chair of Judges Simon Frith discusses the 12 , now nominated for the overall prize http://www.mercuryprize.com/aoty/ One of actor Robin Williams's most famous roles was as a poetry teacher who, in Dead Poets Society, inspired a generation of school children to think for themselves. In his latest film, World's Greatest Dad he reprises this role, but plays a teacher who cares little for teaching and dreams of greater things. As a host of actors queue to send themselves up and play versions of their former selves, Andrew Collins offers some advice. Producer Nicki Paxman.