Front Row - Must be the Music, Candia McWilliam, Arvo Part

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Kirsty Lang talks to author Candia McWilliam. In 2006 Candia McWilliam joined the judging panel of the Man Booker Prize for fiction. As she embarked on the reading-list she began to lose her sight. Candia had a rare condition which prevented her from opening her eyes - plunging her life into darkness. Her new book describes both her search for a way to live with the blindness, and her search for a cure. Music critic Rosie Swash reviews a new tv talent show that aims to be a credible version of X Factor, with Jamie Cullum, Dizzee Rascal and Sharleen Spiteri as judges. The Irish playwright Enda Walsh explains why his new play Penelope, about Odysseus's wife, takes place at the bottom of a swimming pool and why Penelope herself fails to make an appearance. The best-selling composer Arvo Part turns 75 next month and his large-scale choral work Passio is being performed at the Proms next week. Icelandic singer Bjork, conductor David Hills and critic James Jolly discuss the enduring appeal of the Estonian composer. Producer Martin Williams.