Fort Apache

The first of John Ford's cavalry trilogy, in which a commanding officer, bitter at his demotion after the Civil War, takes his resentment out on the men of Fort Apache, a remote outpost in the Arizona desert. He is determined to tighten up discipline, but eventually shows his ignorance of Indian behaviour when he leads his troops into a deadly confrontation.


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  • Director John Ford
  • Writer Frank Nugent
  • Producer Merian Cooper
  • Capt Kirby York John Wayne
  • Lt Col Owen Thursday Henry Fonda
  • Lt Michael O'Rourke John Agar
  • Philadelphia Thursday Shirley Temple
  • Sergeant Beaufort Pedro Armendariz
  • Captain Collingwood George O'Brien
  • Sgt. Maj. Michael O'Rourke Ward Bond
  • Sgt. Festus Mulcahy Victor McLaglen
  • Mrs. Collingwood Anna Lee
  • Mrs. O'Rourke Irene Rich
  • Chief Cochise Miguel Inclan
  • Johnny Reb Jack Pennick