Filthy Rotten Scoundrels - Episode 2

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Filthy Rotten Scoundrels is the series that highlights the work of environment officers across the UK, as they tackle astonishing and flagrant cases of fly-tipping! The Environment Agency uncovers a gang, including an ex-policeman, responsible for illegally dumping hundreds of thousands of tyres at sites all over the country. In Liverpool, residents are up in arms over an enormous illegal waste tip in the middle of their neighbourhood. As officers install a covert CCTV camera, fly-tipping scoundrels are caught red-handed. One was even seen dumping on her own doorstep! Plus, Middlesbrough officers launch a stop-and-search operation to target thieves who rip lead and metal off churches and homes, to sell for scrap. The hard-working and tenacious officers often go undercover to track down criminals who dump thousands of tons of rubbish on our city streets and country lanes. Investigators call on police back-up for elaborate sting operations, and scan through hours of surveillance footage. More than 3,000 fly-tipping incidents happen each day, costing tax payers £55 million a year to clear up.