Fearne Cotton - Wednesday - Fearne's Dating Translator

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We’ve plugged in the Dating Translator again to help you understand those confusing relationship texts. If you’ve received any of the following, listen again to find out what they really mean: - What would you call our babies? - We should see more of each other, but I’m mates with your ex. - You’re really attractive and I’d try and chat you up but I don’t fancy you. - I really do like you. You remind me a bit of your ex. Fearne also tries to help out her Cornish Fairy, Alex, who’s announced he’s going to be a bridesmaid at his friend’s wedding on the Isles of Scilly. Apparently, you lot say bridesmaid’s duties involve pulling the best man. There will be none of that, but there is the possibility of wearing pink shorts and high heeled flip flops. Today’s Music Generator was Crocodiles ‘Hearts Of Love’ for Ella in Esher.