Fearne Cotton - Thursday - Fearne chats to Johnny Depp

Yesterday Fearne was getting very excited about speaking to Johnny Depp and in today’s show you can hear how it went! Fearne made a fool of herself even before the interview started by knocking over a massive Alice in Wonderland cardboard cut out. Johnny was talking about Alice in Wonderland, playing his guitar, his tattoos oh and being spanked with a coat hanger. You MUST listen back! It’s about an hour and five minutes into the show. Last night our mystery online dater, Miss C, had a date with Mr Croque Monsieur as Fearne likes to call him. He is so called because his profile picture was a shot of him in a crocodiles mouth. Miss C was disappointed to find out it wasn’t a real crocodile but did have a great date and says he was the perfect gentleman. There was no snogging, but Miss C is hoping there will the opportunity for that later. Today’s Music Generator was an old one for Gabriella. It selected Missy Elliot ‘Get Your Freak On’.



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