EastEnders - 26/07/2010

Logo for EastEnders - 26/07/2010

Lucas brings Denise some sleeping tablets. He believes he’s provided everything Denise needs: food, a bible to read and gospel music to listen to. Denise is frustrated when Lucas refuses to answer any of her questions about the family and insists she won’t be brainwashed by him. However, when Lucas tries to leave, Denise begs him to stay, promising to be good. After apparently repenting and suggesting they pray, Denise turns on Lucas, questioning his interpretation of the bible. She tells him God would be horrified that Lucas is twisting his words, and he’ll go to hell. Rattled, Lucas leaves for Bible study group. There, Lucas is forced to listen to a bible passage describing hell, and is then questioned by Mercy, who asks him how you can tell who is a false prophet? She’s also confused by a passage in the bible that states people deserve death for questioning a priest who represents God. Lucas returns to the cellar and breaks down, what if he’s got everything wrong? Denise ends up comforting him, reassuring him that there is no hell – Lucas insists there is, he’s in it. Chelsea wants to pack up Denise’s things, Libby eventually agrees to help. Pat and Peggy are fed up with their families. Bianca’s taking Pat for granted and Ronnie and Roxy have gone shopping with Glenda without inviting Peggy. Peggy asks Pat to move into the Vic. Concerned by Jodie’s reaction to his naked body, Darren asks Max to have a look. Max assures him things seem normal. Abi tells Darren he’s lovely and is thrilled when he says she is too. Jodie’s angry with Darren for discussing their private life with Max. She apologises for running out on Darren and explains the problem – he’s not Jewish enough.