EastEnders - 24/03/2011

Jack stayed at Michael’s overnight. Ronnie finds him and admits she’s scared of losing him and James, but can’t explain why. Ronnie attempts to stop Jack leaving the car lot for the gym. Max isn’t happy when he learns of his brother’s plans. Jack feels guilty and changes his mind, but Max then fires him. Ronnie asks Phil to get rid of Michael, Phil insists it’s his pleasure. Michael plays loud music in the Square to promote Basher Jim’s. Roxy storms out of her flat to tell him off, locking herself out and Amy in. Michael and Roxy flirt, Roxy claims she’s seeing two men that night. Michael discovers she’s actually having dinner with Ronnie and Jack and joins them. Max attempts to break up Abi and Jay, taunting Jay about his dad until Jay punches him. Abi’s horrified, but Max’s plan backfires when Vanessa asks Abi who Jase is. Abi apologises to Max, then goes straight to Jay and insists she knows exactly how to deal with her dad. Phil and Shirley return from their non-honeymoon. Phil’s injured and claims he had a Jet Ski accident. To Phil’s annoyance, Michael refuses to move a skip blocking the Arches, before poking fun a Phil’s health issues and recruiting Jay to hand out flyers. Phil discovers Shirley’s told everyone his injury was really caused by falling off a bar stool after a funny turn. Phil drags Shirley home to prove he’s fully fit. Later, Phil has the skip moved. Dot leaves Edward to look after Jim while she fundraises for the Bishop. She’s furious when she realises Edward’s taken Jim out of the house. The salon is a shambles. Tanya catches Syed downloading Roxy’s client list and confesses she’s done the same thing. She suggests they go into business together.


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