EastEnders - 17/06/2011

Vanessa prepares for the engagement party with Lauren, Abi and Max’s help. At the party, Tanya’s dressed to impress and Max realises it’s for his benefit. Max makes a speech and presents Vanessa with an engagement ring. Tanya mocks Max for letting Vanessa change him; Max accuses Tanya of not being able to handle him marrying someone else. Max heads upstairs. Tanya deliberately spills red wine on Vanessa’s new fluffy white rug, throwing Vanessa into a panic. Tanya follows Max up to the bedroom. They start trading insults and are soon kissing passionately… Tamwar, Darren and Fatboy spy on the girls practicing their Mehndi dance. Realising that Christian’s the girls’ choreographer the boys appeal to Syed for help. Syed and Christian bicker about the night before, eventually Christian admits he’s scared that Syed will one day stop wanting to be with him. Afia’s furious when she finds Tamwar and Masood talking. Billy looks for a flat, but soon realises he doesn’t even have enough money for a deposit. Billy admits to Julie he’s lost his job. She reassures him; they’ve got each other and can stay at Phil’s for now. Discussing the Mehndi, Denise and Zainab can’t agree on anything and Yusef’s forced to act as referee. Eventually, Yusef sends Denise on an unnecessary errand to give him and Zainab some peace. Ronnie’s sentencing will be in three weeks. Her solicitor tells Ronnie and Jack that the most likely outcome is a custodial sentence. Jack’s hopeful when she says Ronnie could potentially be given a suspended sentence if they prove she has a psychiatric disorder, but Ronnie insists she doesn’t and won’t lie. At Max’s engagement party, Dot is kind to Ronnie, but she feels like everyone’s staring at her. Ronnie runs out, upset, after Morgan refuses to speak to her.