EastEnders - 15/03/2011

Everyone’s appalled that Janine has been lying about Whitney, and that she’s been missing for weeks. Ricky’s furious, Whitney could be dead for all they know. Janine insists she did try to tell them, no one else cared about Whitney but her. Ricky discovers Ryan hasn’t seen Whitney for weeks, but lies and tells him everything’s fine. Reading from her diary, Tiffany reveals she knows where Whitney is; she’s met a man called Rob with his own club on the Stanham Road. Lauren ropes Janine into coming with her to search. Janine patronises Lauren for not knowing the dangers of the Stanham Road, and, fed up, Lauren storms off on her own in search of Whitney. Outside a club, Lauren’s showing Whitney’s photo to a Bouncer when she notices Whitney heading inside, and calls out to her. Whitney recognises Lauren, but ignores her and heads into the club, leaving Lauren stunned. When visiting Connor to see if he’s heard from Whitney, Carol realises she never wanted Connor; she just missed Billie. Dot is sympathetic when Carol confesses about her affair with Connor. Finally at peace, Carol says goodbye to Billie, and scatters his ashes. Ricky agrees not to tell Bianca that Whitney is missing. Liam writes an apology letter to the school. Mercy has an idea for Fatboy’s stall; Fats’ll Fix It. Fatboy gives Abi dating advice. Thinking wistfully of his relationship with Mercy, he warns Abi not to become too comfortable. Abi and Jay meet at the Launderette. Abi’s delighted when Jay kisses her on the cheek and wants to meet up again. Max and Lauren’s relationship is strengthened when she thanks him for trusting her to go after Whitney alone.


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