EastEnders - 14/06/2011

In shock, Janine stumbles out of the flat to get help. Yusef assures her there’s nothing she could have done to prevent Lydia’s death. Pat comforts Janine, but they soon start to argue. Crying, Janine reads Lydia’s letters to June. At the Vic, Pat, Ryan and Patrick discuss Janine. Janine walks in and Pat tells her that everyone thinks she killed Lydia. Max and Vanessa announce their engagement to the girls. Jodie’s thrilled, but Abi and Lauren aren’t so enthusiastic. To Max’s dismay Jodie and Vanessa immediately start researching elaborate wedding venues. Tanya confronts Max after hearing the news, he claims he’s happy. Vanessa plans an engagement party. Ian’s sacked Billy, having decided to run the fruit stall himself. It’s Christian’s birthday and he’s in a foul temper, angry that Syed has the details for a flat that isn’t child friendly and unimpressed when he learns they’re going to a drag revue with Tanya and Roxy. When the four meet in the pub, Tanya’s jokey birthday card proves the final straw for Christian who heads home insisting he’s not in the mood. Michael disappeared for the weekend. On his return, he’s angry to find Ronnie in Roxy’s flat. Mistakenly thinking Roxy’s told Ronnie everything about his mother, Michael’s furious. Ronnie asks what happened and, emotional, Michael tells her the whole story. Roxy’s bemused when she comes home to find Michael and Ronnie together. Michael tries to hug Roxy; eventually she relents and lets him. Fatboy runs late for Mercy’s hearing, arriving at the last possible moment wearing a borrowed suit. Fatboy makes an impassioned speech on his wife’s behalf, but later worries that he’s ruined Mercy’s chances. Carol warms to Eddie after he unblocks the café sink for her, but he turns down her offer of a drink.