EastEnders - 03/05/2011

Trying to make Jane jealous, Ian meets another woman, Jeanette, for lunch in the Vic. Ian sees Jane and Martin together in the chip shop, but doesn’t realise Jane’s telling Martin it’s over. Jane finds Ian in the pub and apologises for the night before, she wants them to have a good divorce. Jeanette walks in wearing a necklace Ian had intended to give to Jane. Ian assures Jeanette Jane’s just an ex. Kevin68 isn’t replying to Heather’s messages. When Darren figures out which garage Kevin’s likely to work in, Heather sets off to find him. Shirley worries about Heather and Jay insists Ben end the deception, or he’ll tell everyone who Kevin68 really is. Heather arrives home disappointed, she met a nice man, but he wasn’t her Kevin. Heather receives a message telling her Kevin68 was killed in a motoring accident. Carol thinks Dot needs help during the day, but Dot’s resistant. Carol and Dot go shopping, when they return the kitchen’s full of smoke, one of Dot’s cigarettes has fallen onto a duster. Carol realises Dot’s arm is painful and takes her to A&E. Later, Carol reassures Dot when she admits she’s scared of becoming a burden. Dot agrees to have a carer, but is determined to choose one herself. Abi wants to track Tanya’s flight online; Max insists he’ll do it. Ben’s not talking to Abi, so Jay locks them in the launderette to sort out their differences. They decide to get their own back, but Shirley ends up soaked by the bucket of water destined for Jay. Max arrives home drunk, and is annoyed when Abi tells him Tanya and Greg are staying in the Maldives for a few more days. Max goes to bed without eating the meal Vanessa’s cooked, leaving her feeling rejected.