EastEnders - 02/09/2010

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Sam’s still in labour. Minty’s distracted by a phone call from Heather, Ricky takes his chance and slips into Sam’s room. Sam admits she doesn’t know who the baby’s father is. Minty leaves the hospital, realising he’s surplus to requirements. Sam decides she wants her Mum with her. Ricky fetches Peggy from the Vic. Janine and Pat realise what’s going on. Bianca’s worries about Ricky, he’s been acting odd. Janine tells Bianca exactly where Ricky’s been and why, Ronnie overhears. Ronnie tells Jack about the baby. Ronnie, Jack and Bianca head to the hospital. Heather discovers that Minty was with Sam, Minty assures Heather he doesn’t love Sam and will never lie to her again. Peggy supports and encourages Sam as she gives birth. It’s a boy. Ricky and Jack take turns to hold their potential son. Peggy’s overjoyed at the thought of taking her grandson home, until Sam announces she’s having the baby adopted. Peggy been out looking for Phil, she’s exhausted. When she’s called to the hospital, Pat tells Billy to find Phil. He gets Phil’s old address book from the Arches, and works his way through it, finally coming up with an address for him and Jay to check out. Later, they return to the Vic, grim faced, and tell Minty they’ve found Phil. Pat realises none of the family have been invited to Janine and Ryan’s wedding. Janine insists they only want Ricky and Whitney there. Pat thinks Janine’s being stubborn, but eventually gives up. Janine shows Pat her second hand wedding dress, and lets Pat alter it. Janine’s thrilled with her new and improved dress and tells Pat she wouldn’t mind if she wanted to come to the wedding. Carol phones Lewis and invites him over, but he stands her up.