EastEnders: The Greatest Cliffhangers - Episode 3

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Peggy, Pauline or Dirty Den? Ever wanted to know which EastEnders character has had the most cliffhangers in the show's 25-year history? This series reveals all. It counts down from number 100 to number 1 the list of characters who have gained the most cliffhangers signalled by the familiar, legendary drum roll that all telly fans instantly recognise as the soundtrack to EastEnders. Since the show first aired in 1985, there have been nearly 4,000 episodes and all have been sourced, scrutinised and counted by a crack research team to bring a chart to excite EastEnders fans everywhere. With contributions from past and present stars including Steve McFadden, June Brown, Adam Woodyatt, Bill Treacher, Pam St Clement, Lacey Turner and many more, the three-part series is the perfect way to celebrate the top 100 characters who have graced Albert Square over the last 25 years. The final part focuses on the characters who make it into the top 20 and counts down to reveal the all important No 1. Those to discover their chart position include current Albert Square stars Ian Beale and Pat Evans and old favourites Dirty Den Watts and Frank Butcher among others.