Dominic King - Hailsham dog attack, Antony Batsimba guilty and Trevor Eve

A Sussex toddler recovers in hospital from an attack by his family's pet dog. Two-year-old Lewis Oliver was bitten by the Japanense Akita at the family home in Hailsham. Twenty-two-year-old Anthony Batsimba from Dagenham is found guilty of attempted murder after carrying out a machete attack in Crawley. Dominic King talks to Labour blogger Anthony Painter about Alan Johnson's decision to resign as Shadow Chancellor. Folkestone-based artist Johnny Cotter explains why he painted an image of David Beckham nailed to a cross in a 1966 World Cup shirt and loin cloth. Also, Dominic King talks to the actor Trevor Eve about his latest thriller drama, Kidnap and Ransom, in which he plays an international hostage negotiator called Dominic King! Drivetime across the South East a six-month pilot from BBC Radio Kent, BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey. For Listen Live on the iPlayer, you will hear the programme with local bulletins for each county. If you listen on the iPlayer on Listen Again, you will hear the whole programme but with Kent news bulletins only. This pilot is being assessed by the BBC Trust and the BBC will be carrying out audience research to decide whether the pilot continues. Any permanent change would require full Trust approval.