Digital Planet - 28/10/2008

WINDOWS 7 This week, Microsoft unveils a test version of its new operating system Windows 7. tHE 'pre-beta' prototype is being scrutinised by delegates at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. But Microsoft's last operating system, Vista, was a commercial flop due to early compatibility issues. Our man in LA Jon Stewart reports on the latest gossip about Microsoft's next move. NEW ZEALAND GETS TOUGH ON FILE SHARING A new law passed in New Zealand could see internet users cut off if they are suspected of file sharing. Technology journalist and Kiwi commentator Simon Morton isn't impressed. SEARCH GETS SMART Are there better ways to search for information online? Three entrepreneurs showcase their ideas for combining artificial intelligence with the internet. IMENSE: Image search technology which looks inside a picture. TRUE KNOWLEDGE: Type in a question and artificial intelligence gives you an answer. INTELLIGENT BOOK: Smart text books that correct your mistakes. SAVE THE VIDEO GAME! Unlike films or music, you can't walk into your local store and buy your favourite computer game from the 70s or 80s. But now the Bradford Media Museum in the UK is planning to compile an archive of your favourite titles from the past.