Digital Planet - 23/06/2009

CYBER WARFARE CONFERENCE This week there's been continued disruption of Iranian websites and communications infrastructure. But elsewhere this week in Estonia, the Cyber Warfare Conference in the capital Tallin, brought together experts from around the globe to talk about cyber defence strategies. Estonia was the location of one of the first recorded cyber attack in 2007, when hackers gained access to government computer systems, amid protests by ethnic Russians about the removal of a Soviet war memorial in the centre of Tallinn. Cyrus Farivar reports on the legacy of the events in Estonia, and new research from Germany which could stop future cyber attacks. But what are the legal implications of crossing cyber borders? THE SCHOOL THAT GAVE UP GADGETS A Los Angeles school recently conducted a class project which required pupils to give up gadgets, from cellphones to mp3 players, for a week. Our man in LA, Jon Stewart joins the back of the class, to find out what happened. SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME ONLINE? If you're burning too much midnight oil surfing, rather than sleeping, then Leechblock may be for you. You can input the websites that you find hard to resist, and the maximum amount of time you want to spend on them, and Leechblock will close your browser when you've reach your limit. Gareth talks to its creator, James Anderson, about why you would want to take time off online. TENNIS TECHNOLOGY Gareth gets a tour behind the scenes, and underneath the courts, at Wimbledon tennis tournament. He visits the broadcast centre, which has a database of stats going back to 1877, when the first championship was played. Then it's up to Centre Court to see the new Android phone application, which lets visitors access GPS tagged information about what's happening elsewhere on site.